Our Mission

The Be Kind 2 the Mind initiative was launched to raise awareness of mental illness and to encourage the community to get involved and let their voices be heard on this important issue. Achieving good mental health is important to all of us and helps us lead productive, meaningful lives.

There is a critical need for expanded mental health services in our community.

An estimated 60% of those that need mental health treatment do not receive it! Of those who did receive care, the average delay between onset of symptoms and treatment was 10 years. 7 out of 8 counties in our region are designated as mental health professional shortage areas by the Federal government; 2 of these counties have no practicing psychiatrists!

It is time for people to take action. We have a voice and need to make sure it is heard. Reach out to your representatives and let them know that good mental health care is important to you and that you support increasing resources to expand mental health care. By making the call you are taking the first step towards making a difference.

Increased resources for mental health could help:

  • develop innovative treatments and solutions
  • make services more affordable and accessible
  • allow for early diagnosis and intervention

It is critical that the public take action and voice their opinions on this community issue.

The Patrick P. Lee Foundation commitment

The Patrick P. Lee Foundation is committed to ensuring there are high-quality, accessible mental health services throughout our community. As a private foundation, its role is to raise awareness about mental illnesses and to work with community partners to find solutions. The Foundation is pleased that Congressmen Brian Higgins and Tom Reed are helping educate the community about mental illnesses and encouraging the community members to get involved. They join Congressmen Reed and Higgins in urging people to contact their elected representatives to request increased investments in mental health resources and services.

Let your voice be heard—contact your elected official today!
Your opinion matters and together, we can help create change.

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